Handicap Index

Gaining your Index

Handicap Index

The new World Handicapping System comes into effect from November 2nd 2020. You will need to access your Handicap Index as created by England Golf in order to establish your playing handicap at each course you play.

The steps to do so are as follows:

Step 1- Allow England Golf to have your information
An email was sent from Club V1 asking you if you were happy for Burghill Valley Golf Club to pass your information to England Golf, you need to opt in to be able to register with England Golf.
If you did not receive this email, look at the bottom of this email you will see ‘change marketing subscriptions’. If you click on this and then allow Burghill Valley Golf Club to pass your information onto England Golf, then save.

Step 2- Register with My England Golf
Click on the following link: https://members.whsplatform.englandgolf.org/signup
Your membership number is your CDH number (if you are not sure what your CDH number is please contact the club). It will then take you through some steps to set a password and a link to your email to activate your account.

Step 3- Log into your My England Golf account
Once you have registered you can log in and view your provisional Handicap Index. Remember your membership number is your CDH number and use the password you have just set. You will be able to see your handicap index then and also the scores they have used to generate your handicap index. Please note this is provisional and may change when the system goes live on Monday. You will then need that index to cross reference against a chart at every different course you may play. The charts for Burghill Valley Golf Club will be displayed in the Pro Shop, Foyer and first tee when the system goes live on Monday 2nd November.

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